TV MC Photographer

Creative story telling-video producer, and editor conceptualizing, creating, and launching long and short-form shows in verticals that include music, entertainment, documentary, lifestyle, & pop culture for broadcast television. Great knowledge in digital marketing with extensive experience in video QC, subtitles, and closed captioning, post-production workflows, distribution, with CMS experience,
& metadata with file-based media operations with extensive experience in media and streaming services.


About me

In 2004, Jerry Coria received his degree in Television and Film and began a career as a writer and director. Early in his career, he worked as a freelance videographer, director, and producer on a wide variety of television programs, and collaborating with an eclectic set of photographers & Directors.

In early 2007, Jerry created his first TV show that focuses on Hollywood entertainment by working with A-list celebrities in Hollywood to develop a show that promotes fun and entertaining videos about films and television shows.

But in 2008, after visiting Japan and being inspired and encouraged by the country’s entertainment and culture, Jerry’s enthusiasm for entertainment gave him the desire to serve as a bridge between the entertainment industries in the United States and Japan.

It was then where Jerry decided to create A New TV show that would combine both American pop culture and Japanese pop culture and the name FUSION was establish.

The brand name FUSION has been a highly influential name that is now the bridge for Hollywood entertainment and Asian entertainment to be fused into one, which is how the word fusion was formed. Fusion is not just a popular television show with over 15 million viewers; it is also a monthly magazine.

Jerry, in addition to producing and directing, is a highly skilled and accomplished photographer who has produced multiple front covers with his photography. 
Aside from his achievements, Jerry has worked with a variety of companies, including Netflix, SONY PICTURES, HULU, FOX, Disney, and many more.

Not only is Jerry involved in the creative sector, but he is also skilled in the technical and post production side, shooting, editing, and producing as well as marketing. Jerry continues to defy industry norms by delivering cutting-edge, unconventional visuals.


Hi! My name is Jerry Coria.
Director, Producer, Photographer.

“He is a well established Producer & Director, and has produced several tv shows.
In Addition he produced some of YouTube’s biggest channels. He is also the chief editor for the famous Magazine FuSioN he continues to focus on producing and shooting video content as well as photography”






My Skills

I have Experience in

TV & Magazine

  • FuSioN TV

    TV Producer

  • FuSioN Magazine

    Chief Editor

  • FuSioN Magazine



    Senior Video Producer


    Digital Producer / TV MC


  • Sony Pictures - Present

    Video Production

  • Netflix

    Video Production

  • Disney / ABC


  • Hulu

    Video Production Specialist

  • FOX / 20th century

    Video Producer



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